Changing Wellness for the Workforce 4 minutes at a time

We support CEOs and HR Directors by providing a platform to promote mental health and physical well-being.

Introduction to KICK

KICK changes lives 4 minutes at a time.

By using our Digital Health tech platform our KICK Lifestyle APP has made training and adopting a healthy lifestyle in and out of work simple to follow and easy to do with immense results. 

“Balancing the Body and Calming the Mind” 

Mental Health is costing your company

Number of Employees


303 Days of productivity lost each year due to illness

3,535 Days of productivity lost each year due to presenteeism

$449,046 Revenue lost each year

Number of Employees


6,015 Days of productivity lost each year due to illness

70,175 Days of productivity lost each year due to presenteeism

$8,914,230 Revenue lost each year

Number of Employees


24,009 Days of productivity lost each year due to illness

280,105 Days of productivity lost each year due to presenteeism

$35,581,338 Revenue lost each year

In a report by Vitality and the Financial Times in November 2019, the results suggest that the employees who took part in the survey lost 14.5% of their working hours due to absence (1.1%), and presenteeism (13.4%). This represents a loss of 38 productive days per employee per year*. The Office for National Statistics at the same time reported that the median salary for full-time employees was $30,350 or $585 per week**.

What KICK training Offers

By using our Digital Health tech platform our KICK Lifestyle APP has made training and adopting a healthy lifestyle in and out of work simple to follow and easy to do with immense results. 







Core Work




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What is KICK?

When trained the KICK way, the mind and body align to deliver transformative results in record time.



Thai-boxing, boxing, kickboxing, skipping, weights, cardio



Martial arts, stretching, yoga, breathing techniques



Meditation, mindfulness, travel, art, culture.

Food for mental health, body health and gut.



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"The KICK system has been crafted so you don't have to waste time and money on trying to figure it all out."

Sophs - Creator & Founder of KICK

Over 35% of employees do not get adequate exercise

1 in 6 of the working age population have a mental health related condition

Over 50% would overlook a 10% pay rise and choose their wellbeing

What can KICK Offer You?

KICK’s unique KICK 4 Minute Round makes it easy for corporate company employers and employees to include physical exercise into a working day to relieve stress, boost productivity and keep people moving.

Unlike other health and wellbeing brands, KICK provides a personalised approach and INSTANT solutions across multiple disciplines (nutrition, meditation, strength, life coaching) through the KICK Lifestyle App, delivery of singular or multiple 4 minute rounds upon request, webinars hosted by Sophs or her team, Facebook/Zoom Meetings once a week PLUS MORE!

Using the KICK Lifestyle App is simple, reliable, and accessible anytime, anywhere across multiple devices.


Speaking Events

Sophie is available for speaking events and is currently speaking on Global platforms to educate you with her 3 decades of knowledge. 

Sophie has presented on the World Fitness Arena stages and the Global Yoga Stages and inspires her audience to a new way of being and thinking so they can adopt new life habits to live a more fulfilled life. 

KICK Stretch

Here are your top 5 stretching tips for relieving stress whilst at your desk.

Corporate Pricing Model


Employees up to 1,500


per employee per month


Employees 1501-9999


per employee per month


Employees above 10,000


per employee per month

3rd Party



for the first 12 months

*These are the generic price options for licences. We also provide in-house up grades also which are bespoke for your company’s needs

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How the KICK 4 minute round workout works

Anyone can train a 4 minute round;
try it for yourself.

A unique concept in fitness training, the KICK 4 minute round is a scientifically proven model guaranteed to deliver RESULTS.

Meet the KICK Team

The Coaches

Sophie Pittaway

Founder & CEO

Nicola Shubrook

Food and Gut Specialist

Jordan James

Boxing Coach

Katie Dyer

Wellness Coach

Marley Zwanenberg

Professional Thai Boxer

Kulli Nurk

Life Coach

Dr Cecilia

Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Becca Worthington

Grief and Life Coach

Rest of the team 

Jessica Pittaway

Head of Design

Bryan Chan

Social Media

Hannah Liversidge

Virtual Assistant

Mark Harmen

Video Editor

Nicky Pasquier

Youtube Manager

Beverly Cardosa

Board Advisor

Bruce Steinsberg

Board Advisor

Chris Waters 

Board Advisor

Nathan Crick


KICK Partners

Amy Mckeown

James Pickle

Brian Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

An all over body and mind workout with a 360 degree holistic experience. The magic is we deliver this 4 minutes at a time.

KICK sessions start with 1 round which is only 4 minutes. 3 minutes of training and 1 minute of rest and rehydrate.

You become the architect of your own workout by adding the rounds

Anyone. We have designed this method for a beginner, people with injury, people who hate training, people who don’t have much time to fit people who need additional cross training. KICK is for everyone, KICK is for LIFE.

Amy Mckeown

Amy Mckeown

Award-winning health, mental health and wellbeing consultant

Amy Mckeown

Amy Mckeown

Award-winning health, mental health and wellbeing consultant

Amy is an award-winning Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing, and Women’s Health consultant with more than  20 years of unparalleled experience. She coaches organizations of all sizes, putting into place evidence-based, measurable, and sustainable strategies which are as innovative as they are effective. She has created and implemented strategies in organizations of all sizes from big 4 accountancy firms (she wrote and implemented EY’s UK health, mental health, and wellbeing strategy) and global strategies for FTSE 100s, to  SMEs and start-ups. She was also a Non-Executive Director of Mental Health First Aid England.  

Alongside ‘Amy McKeown’, her thriving B2B consultancy, Amy launched ‘Business of Being a Woman’ (BBW) in February 2021. BBW was the first digital conference combining Women’s Health, Mental Health, and Business,  and received outstanding praise; “it was life-changing”. Attended by professional women from all walks of life, Amy is planning the next edition by demand which will cover topics of menstruality, motherhood, business leadership, health, and mental health.  

Amy is also an activist for women’s rights. After suffering a devasting miscarriage then being made redundant, she is currently campaigning to change the Equality Act 2010. Her campaign is backed by Maternity  Action and Pregnant than Screwed and aims to change the law to protect women in work during pregnancy.  

A pioneer for Women’s Health, Amy is increasingly helping organizations to implement programmes specifically designed to help female employees. This can be done either through wider Health & Mental  Health strategies or as a standalone body of work. 

Amy is also a respected thought leader. Her original content sparks much discussion and progressive debates with her peers. Always ahead of the curve, Amy is frequently invited to speak at events providing her insightful, straight-to-the-point opinions on different topics – including how the industry needs to evolve. 

James Pickles

James Pickles

James Pickles Coaching

James Pickles

James Pickles

James Pickles Coaching

In 2018 I was at the peak of my Sales career to date, earning bonuses and very respectable salary, responsible for a team and seat at the table regarding company strategy and marketing. I had built up what I considered at the time near bullet-proof emotional armour whose outward shell conveyed unflappable calm, confidence, control and was the very definition of resilient.
In March of 2019 heading towards another record breaking quarter, my armour failed seemingly without warning when a colleague asked me how I was, didn’t accept my first automatic answer and I completely broke down in the act of verbalising that I wasn’t actually ‘fine’. A sustained panic attack followed and 10 days later I had deteriorated to the point of being unable to function and was signed off sick for the rest of 2019.

Seeking help and Therapy saved my life. More specifically, learning to talk, openly, honestly and without fear of judgement saved my life. During the talking, I learned what it is to be really listened to and what silence, if used appropriately can help unlock.

Now I tell my story to organisations to help create a safe, non-judgmental space for people to listen to my experiences, reflect on their own and ask questions. Those questions often lead to dialogue and that, for some, is the start of them realising the don’t need to do this alone.

How does it work?

It all starts with a chat. A chat with no obligation to continue and one where we can see how I could help you, your team, your company or someone you think might be in trouble.

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Fit Beyond the Gym

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Fit Beyond the Gym

Practical help to build exercise and healthy nutrition into your busy life.

THERE’S only one thing harder than getting started on being fit and healthy – and that’s keeping going.

After 22 years as a personal fitness coach (and 58 years of being alive) I know only too well how life, our commitments, even our view of ourselves can trip up our best intentions.

I know how wonderful it feels to be fit, healthy and in control, and how hard it can be to take the first step and how frustrating it is when we get knocked off course.

But believe me if a ‘weak-willed’, not particularly good at sport, grumpy old sod like me can find ways to enjoy the benefits of fitness, anyone can.

Two decades of training people with busy, stressful lives has shown that the magic doesn’t
happen in an hour’s workout. It’s what goes on in the other 167 hours per week, 52 weeks a year that really makes a difference.

Which is why Fit Beyond the Gym coaching helps people in three main ways:
1) Direction – what to do, how to do it, when to do it.
2) Support – finding motivation, building consistency, practical help overcoming diversions as they crop up, such as travel, workload, dining out
3) Accountability – for those times when you just need to know someone is checking in with you.

Fit Beyond the Gym coaching helps you in-person, by video and online. We work with individuals and companies and tailor our service to your needs and your budget.

We look for the best solutions for you and your life, which is why I am delighted to partner with Kick Lifestyle.

My other main service is Fit Beyond 50. Helping people over 50 carry on doing the things they love and look great doing them.

Developments in exercise and nutritional science mean there has never been a better time to unlock a lifetime of fitness. Again this combines my extensive professional experience and specialist knowledge with my real life experience.

For example, last year as a 57-year-old man who didn’t like running, was very wobbly on a bike and couldn’t do front crawl, I finished my first sprint triathlon doing breaststroke and riding a bike with a Magic Roundabout bell. It went surprisingly well.

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