KICK is your 360° holistic experience and lifestyle change.

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The KICK system has been developed over 25 years by me with research, studying, trips to Thailand, around the world mentoring and through my own life experience coming together to create KICK.

I have helped my clients look and feel svelte and strong, allowing them to age with grace and confidence. Together we have enjoyed the beauty of martial arts, yoga and meditation and have celebrated the tools they give to us to overcome illness, injury, mental health and weight issues and negative addictions. 

KICK has healed people from trauma, injury, addictions, helped them climb the career ladder and even enabled clients to have children. It has helped build bridges, strengthen relationships and given clients the confidence to eliminate toxicity in their life.

After many years of ups and downs, I have crafted the KICK system to consolidate everything I have learned about myself and coaching clients over the years. I want to share with you what I believe will revolutionise the way you think about fitness, wellbeing and longevity.

Many mentors have taught me that training can act as a positive habit whereby we address daily pressures to become a better version of you and feel more alive. Exercise does not have to be a chore. KICK was created for you to make subtle but positive changes in your body and mind to fulfil your potential in every aspect of your life. KICK is here to help you discover a new love a passion for fitness and life like it did for me.

IMPACT I have made in my coaching and mentoring

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KICK 4 minute rounds

"The KICK system has been crafted so you don't have to waste time and money on trying to figure it all out."

Sophs - Creator & Founder of KICK

My trips to Thailand and abroad have played a huge part in my training and research. The mess ups I have made, the tests on myself, I have been fighting fit to going up to 95 kilos, I have had a serious back injury due to my fighting days and overcome many life issues of loss, fear and vulnerability and loneliness. 

I have learnt to let go and learnt to look at problems as an opportunity to create positive change. My favourite saying is:

“Never Waste A Crisis” a crisis happens because we need to Shift. This hurts but with the KICK system by your side we have helped people through absolutely hideous times.

With our Yin and Yang holistic approach to the KICK system we deliver all forms of training and exercise in order for you to train with the appropriate method depending on your body and mind state. KICK involves not just one form of exercise, KICK is a combination of:

KICK is intelligent training KICK is wise training, here for sustainability of body and mind.

KICK is not for 90 days, KICK is for LIFE.

We all need to start somewhere so lets KICK START now with the KICK 4 minute rounds.

“Everyone can train a KICK 4 Minute Round every day"