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The KICK Lifestyle app

Carry your Personal Trainer with you wherever you go! 

Find it hard to motivate yourself? Wish you could have access to a Personal Trainer in your pocket? Then download the KICK app and workout whenever, wherever and with whoever you like.

Simply press play and you could be training today with Sophs, Jordan @JusPT, Katie, Dyer, Marley and more.

There’s no need to book in advance. With the KICK app you are in complete control of your own training schedule. Access 100’s of beautifully produced videos and view on demand.  Theres also expert nutritional advice from Nicola Shubrook and much more.

KICK; it’s a way of LIFE!

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What is KICK?

When trained the KICK way, the mind and body align to deliver transformative results in record time.

Working on a deeply soulful level to connect both inner and outer, we’ll teach you the tools and techniques you need to be physically and mentally fit, strong and resilient. KICK Lifestyle is unlike any other fitness system out there. We’ll introduce you to our four pillars, designed to provide the solid foundation and framework you need for continued personal growth and development.



Thai-boxing, boxing, kickboxing, skipping, weights, cardio



Martial arts, stretching, yoga, breathing techniques



Meditation, mindfulness, travel, art, culture.

Food for mental health, body health and gut.



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How the KICK 4 minute round workout works

Anyone can train a 4 minute round;
try it for yourself.

A unique concept in fitness training, the KICK 4 minute round is a scientifically proven model guaranteed to deliver RESULTS.

Based around 3 minutes of exercise and 1 minute of stretching the concept originates from Thai-boxing and traditional boxing gyms around the world where athletes “work to the bell”. It’s an exhilarating and highly motivational method that fast tracks results.

But the best part is, it’s totally customisable and can be adapted according to your fitness levels, goals or just how much time you have to spare.

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