Our tailor made packages have been specially created to do at home, using our innovative KICK 4 Minute Round method.

Our KICK Life Package includes an hour consultation with Sophs either in the gym, your home or via Skype. The KICK team will then create a bespoke package for your lifestyle.

You will be accountable to Sophs throughout your plan via calls, WhatsApp and email.



What you get.

• Feeling good about yourself physically and mentally

• A powerful feeling of physical and mental strength

• Building your fitness, stamina and energy.

• Promoting weight loss, toning, muscle strength, core strength, body sculpting with flexibility.

• Empowerment building, confidence, self belief and awareness.

• Re-discovering yourself, finding your MOJO and inner passion to become the true you.

• You work on personal goals, you are challenged, re-focused, pushing your boundaries of comfort to encourage you to achieve.  You will be nurtured and cared for on this incredible journey by Sophs and her team using the KICK Methods.

• Be vulnerable and let go to get the best out of this wonderful plan.

• These tools you will have for LIFE

• KICK is for LIFE.


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