The KICK Story

KICK is your 360° holistic experience and lifestyle change.


Sophie Pittaway

The revolutionary KICK 4 Minute Round workout method is the brainchild of ex Thai Kick boxing champion Sophie Pittaway. Sophs, as she is known, developed the method after gaining extensive competition and teaching success in the Thai kick boxing and fitness world. During that time, she had also started embracing many Eastern cultures and philosophies that she had fallen in love with during her many trips to the Far East. She came to realise that there was a way to bring all these elements together, to create a unique, authentic, holistic training program which has proven to heal and give people a purpose for a happy and healthy body and mind and life.

However, it was experiencing an enormous personal childhood trauma, that started Sophs’ KICK journey. Tragically, at the age of 16, Sophs lost her Mum to mental health issues then suicide and instead of asking for help and dealing with this awful loss, Sophs just let the guilt, fear and grief build up in her and she spiralled into a decline of addiction and feelings of low self-worth. Life is about support and having lost her mum then her Nan at 18 and her dad was on the front line in the Gulf war and brother at school Sophs felt a huge loss and lonely.

Thankfully, at the age of 20 she was introduced to Thai- kick boxing by Bill Judd, former five times world champion and this became her new addiction. By the age of 23 she had her black belt and was taking part in competitions. As her success grew, she was asked to start training others, and she found herself instructing very senior executives in the City of London. Sophs continued developing her skills with further personal training every year in Thailand, gaining knowledge from her mentors and learning about how to balance the body and calm the mind, whilst combatting trauma. Alongside all of this, she was also holding down her day job in a property business, running the Thaiboxing club and teaching classes every night.

By her late 20s, Sophs was extremely well known in the Thai kick boxing fitness world, becoming World Kickboxing Association Champion at 26 and presenting on the World fitness stage. She was also staging events and competitions, employing many teachers to support her in her training schools and holding down her full-time job. But something had to give and after deciding to leave her job in property, she faced another tragedy at the age of 30, when a very good friend of hers attempted suicide. This new trauma, exacerbated by the realisation that she had still never dealt with her Mum’s passing, led unfortunately to a breakdown and suffering of PTSD.

But finding an extraordinary inner strength, Sophs eventually found her way back. She had put on a lot of weight (95kilos) and knew that physical fitness, along with yin yoga and healthy eating would start to help heal her mind and body. And as she reframed how she thought about her trauma and her life, she knew that a new way of thinking was paramount for growth. Through reading and studying the mind and healing with Buddhism Sophs learnt the art of letting go, forgiveness which powered a new energy. She found gratitude for what she did have and made a conscious decision not to see herself as a victim any more but to grow from this and become the best version of herself with confidence and strength.

It was a difficult path to find the right way to train again, as she was now training alone and lacked that sense of community but she knew she needed a structure to work to. So, she went back to her roots. She had always trained in Thai boxing to a

4 minute clock and bell in the boxing gyms. This was 3 minutes of training and 1 minute of rest. And that was when she realised she had found it. The 4 minute round workout was the way to start building herself up again. She started to train for 1 round and slowly built up to 2 rounds, then 3 until she was back up to 12 rounds, which is world championship standard. This was the new concept that she realised she wanted to take to people – the KICK 4 Minute Round workout was born. Sophs knew she could change lives 4 minutes at a time because anyone can train for 4 minutes a day.

From everything she had gone through, Sophs knew that she wanted to create something that would help other people heal and that marrying Thai kick boxing along with yoga and the holistic side of Eastern teaching, thinking and being could be the way to do this within the 4 minute round. And so, at 36 she opened the first KICK studio and honed the KICK method. It went on to win the UK Best Martial Arts Yoga Concept in 2014.

KICK continues to go from strength to strength. Sophs and her team have coached tens of thousands of people over the years, including many other fitness professionals. With her passion for using the method to help not only physical fitness but mental wellbeing, KICK has healed people from trauma, injury, anxiety, depression, mental health and addictions. It has helped them climb the career ladder and even enabled them to conceive children. KICK has helped build bridges, strengthen relationships and given people the confidence to eliminate toxicity in their life. And for that, they have Sophs to thank. From her personal tragedies she has created a unique method which can help you find your inner champion and become the best you possible.

The KICK Coaches

Nicola Shubrook

Nicola Shubrook, creator of Urban Wellness, shares with you her journey on how food and everyday changes to diet can change how you feel both physically and mentally. Nicola is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist graduating with a three-year Diploma from CNM in 2009 and completing her training in the ICH in 2016 after leaving behind a career working for corporate London businesses in advertising. Furthering her education and research, Nicola attends yearly course based in The Institute for Functional Medicine as well as The National Centre for Eating Disorders. Nicola will teach you that not only does diet affect us on the inside but can be the cause of acne, hormonal imbalances and hives on the outside of the body as well. Her passion with food and it’s impact on our mental well-being will give you the motivation to make a change in your life!

Jordan James

Jordan, creator of JusPT, has achieved amazing results for his clients all over London and overseas during his ten-year career as an expert personal trainer and boxing coach. Jordan has a fantastic 100% client retention rate, due to his dynamic and exciting training techniques which have taken him all around the world. He has studied extensively and worked in some of the best gyms in London during his 10-year career in the health and fitness industry. With a genuine passion for all forms of physical training, particularly boxing, training as an amateur fighter, Jordan now uses these skills to add an element of fun and intensity to his happy clients sessions.

Katie Dyer

Discover the benefits of working with a wellness coach. Katie Dyer Wellness connects with all areas of your life: health, career, money, love, relationships and something greater or spiritual, often creating impact on other areas in our life, with a possible domino effect.

Specialist in:
- Sleep
- Anxiety
- Lacking in energy
- Food regimes
- Self confidence
- Breaking bad habits and forming new ones
- Soul searching
- Structure, support, guidance, encouragement and motivation

Marley Zwanenberg

Marley is London born and raised and has since moved to Bangkok, Thailand to further his career as a professional Muay Thai fighter and learn the true art of Muay Thai. He has competed in arenas all around the world such as France, Greece, China, Russia, Bangkok and Cambodia and gained multiple titles including:

- ISKA Sylvanian Champion
- ISKA British Champion
- MTGB World Champion

Together you will master the art of Muay Thai, breaking each combination down, allowing you to perfect each movement! Become more confident within yourself and release your inner fighter!